Bad Credit Can Affect Your Job Search


Find the right job is important since you could be spending a good portion of your waking hours at this endeavor. Enjoying work while earning a good salary is a goal most us want to achieve. However, finding that perfect job can be a very demanding task. The preparation is extremely time intensive and often involves hours of researching companies, revising resumes, writing cover letters and honing interviewing skills. There are untold numbers of books, classes, and seminars offering help in these areas. In addition, individuals often spend years building up their qualifications in preparation of attaining a job within a particular field or company

Many people with impeccable credentials and excellent work history cannot find work as a result of bad credit. Many employers are using a prospective employee's credit history as one of the determining factors in whether they are hired. In the eyes of an employer, excessive debts and bad credit can be a red flag that may indicate a lack of personal discipline or responsibility. Poor credit could raise concerns that these factors may be a detriment to their performance on the job.

An individual must give permission before their credit report is run and although the individual can deny a company from accessing credit information; this would give the impression that there is something to hide, such as excessive debts or poor credit. Such an impression would not be helpful in obtaining the new position. If the individual did not receive a job as a result of poor credit, the employer must give information on how to challenge any wrong information that may be listed in the credit report.

Employers generally use credit reports as an evaluation tool before an individual is hired but this is not always the case. Some companies also run reports on existing employees as part of ongoing evaluations or when determining whether an employee should be retained. If an employee is on the bubble a negative report could be very damaging.

In an economy that has resulted in fewer jobs and fiercer competition, getting a good job can be quite a challenge. This is especially true today and as a result, applicants needs every advantage possible. This means working hard to master professional skills, but it also means working hard to maintain good credit.

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