Check for Unclaimed Money


Interestingly enough, one out of every eight people in the US have unknown funds just waiting to be claimed. Often these are funds that people have forgotten about or that have become lost during a move. Once received these funds can be used to pay down debt, starts a savings fun, or anything else you might wish.

Examples of unclaimed money can be found in bank account balances, stocks, benefits, un-cashed checks, or life insurance policies. There are many ways to find these accounts such as hiring a service to search for you. The fees for such a service range from a fairly inexpensive fee to a percentage of whatever you recover. You can do the search yourself since there are numerous websites available that offer free searches. Although a national database does not exist, individual states have their own databases which contain listings of unclaimed assets. All you need to start is your name and the state you would like to check.

It is a good idea to research each state where you have lived. An explanation of how to proceed will be given if you locate any missing funds. Internet searches can also be conducted on behalf of relatives. You simply need to input their names and the state you would like to search. If any funds turn up you're sure to have fun passing along the good news. It's not every day that you have the chance to obtain free money but here is your opportunity to do so. Although unclaimed money is not technically free because at some point you earned it, none the less, it's money that you were never expecting to see. The only hard part of this whole process is deciding what to do with any money that you may recover. It just may be the perfect opportunity to pay off the credit cards or eliminate some other lingering debt. Good luck.

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