Be Careful of Fraud or Identity Theft


It is very hard for many people to maintain the necessary discipline that is needed to live a debt free lifestyle. The modern philosophy of "buy now and pay later" has really taken its toll on the average American's budget. It is hard enough to maintain financial stability and then become a target of fraudulent credit card purchases or identity theft. It is in an individual's best interest to protect his personal information from exposure.

Here are some recommendations on how to protect your personal information. Avoid common passwords such as the names of wives, pets, or children. Thieves are aware of this pattern and do no find it very difficult to crack these passwords. Always use a secure website and never give out any personal information if the browser is not secure. This leaves your information vulnerable and allows it to be easily intercepted.

Be sure to investigate a company's privacy policy and how will they use your personal information and understand if they will they share this information with others. Never use a company if you are not comfortable with the answers they are providing. If you are uncomfortable, just opt out as many companies will ask for personal information which they will use for marketing purposes. If given a choice to opt out, do so. The less people that have your personal information the safer you will be.

Always shred financial documents and properly dispose of receipts, bank states, credit card offers and other documents which contain personal information. Make sure you always send bills in secured mailbox locations. Placing a bill in your personal mailbox and raising the red flag lets a thief know exactly where to strike.

Keeping your personal financial information secure is a key factor in the prevention of fraudulent debt. Although it is impossible to completely protect your personal information, there are many simple measures that can greatly reduce your risk. These measures take very little time or resources and can provide benefits for years to come.

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