A Checklist for Debt Consolidation


It seems that everyone is in debts. Recent statistics show that that the average American family in credit card debt carries a balance of $4000 on several credit cards from month to month. It is thus no surprise to be in debts especially when you are bombarded with solicitations to buy things on a daily basis.

The ease of getting credit at the moment also doesn't help much to curb your impulse buying spree. While it may look as if normal to be in debt nowadays, you might want to find out if you need help to get you out of your debt problems now before you fall deeper into the debt trap. Ask yourself these questions to access your current financial health and see if you need debt consolidation help.

Are you always late in paying your monthly bills? Everyone runs into unforeseen expenses like medical bills, and car repairs. These unforeseen expenses will throw off your monthly budget. But, if you time and again find it hard to cover your bills for most of the time, you know you have a problem.

Have you reached or exceeded the limit on most of your credit cards? With the ease of getting credit cards nowadays, it is very tempting to use credit in advance and run into credit card debts.

Are you only paying the minimum for your credit card balances? Credit cards are billed monthly to increase your interest amount accrued. Pay the minimum balance monthly and you will take forever to clear them.

Are you dipping into your past savings, or worse you have used up your savings already? You cannot meet any unforeseen expenses anymore. You cannot afford to fall sick and your car must skip its maintenances servicing because you have not got the money.

Do you find yourself having the need to use a credit line or cash advance to pay your monthly bills? Do this on a regular basis and you are certainly going to be trap in a cycle of debts.

If you answer yes to most or all of the above questions, you are most likely in debts and living hand to mouth now. It's not the end of the world yet. It only means that you need to take action to clear your debts and debt consolidation may just be the answer.

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